Help us feed pets in need

No pet should go hungry

No pet should go hungry

Working to end food insecurity for pets in need.

We believe no pet should go hungry.  We believe pet food insecurity is a symptom of a bigger program.  We believe our clients (the pets) and their guardians deserve a hand up, not a hand out.  We believe in change.  We believe in doing good.  We believe in the pets we help.

How are we different?

Traditional human food banks are not funded or mandated to provide pet food.  If they do provide it, often it is not consistently offered, and they have their volunteers break down pet food from larger bags into smaller bags.  This presents a number of challenges for the pet guardian and the pet.  The person is their client, not the pet.  The pet is our client and we are mindful of allergies, we want the pet to be on a consistent food as much as possible, and we want to ensure we are providing enough dry food to last four weeks or more.  This is best for the pet, best for their owner, and best for us.  Because we choose to service animals and not people, we do not qualify for any food bank funding – federal, provincial or otherwise.  Because of this, without your support, pets will go hungry.


pet first aid

Feed the change.

Founded in December of 2019 the Animal Food Bank has aspirations of being a national force for feeding pets in need, and working to address the reasons why they are facing pet food insecurity. 

We have learned that the need for veterinary goes hand in hand and so we are launching low and no cost vet clinics and spay & neuter programs.

In addition to this we launched a free webinar series addressing topics requested by our clients ranging from pet nutrition and first aid, to budgeting, debt management, resume writing and interview skills.  Free to anyone, we aim to provide our clients a hand up, not just a hand out.

Operating on the principal of low barriers access to help, with the pets being our clients, we strive to forge a new way of doing things.  We need your help to drive change and make a difference.   


2020 STATS

+65,000 lbs

dry food distributed

+22,000 cans

wet food distributed


deliveries made


The generosity of the organizations and businesses below goes beyond measure.  Without their support, we could not do what we do. 
We are humbled, and eternally grateful for them and their teams.