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Your donation helps to prevent the  surrender of pets and pet parents from having to choose who eats.

Pet Food Bank Programs

With a team of volunteers and no funding, we are the little engine that could. Our stats are impressive and equally heartbreaking. 

We’ve completed close to 11,000 of our own pet food bank client deliveries over the last four years.  We’ve also provided millions of meals for pets to partner organizations.  We’ve save local shelters millions of dollars in costs by preventing the surrender of 64% of our own clients pets, and prevented 71% of our human clients from having to choose if they, or their pet, eats tonight. 

Four million meals, and counting.  We couldn’t do it without your support!

Donate Now

The Animal Food Bank is a registered non-profit society but not a registered charity.  The reasons for this are many – we need to be able to pivot quickly and fill gaps where we find them. From paying for a pet fee at a hotel for a fire evacuee, to helping cover costs of vetting, to setting up programs to provide pet food through support and outreach workers, our mandate is huge – do what we can, where we can, to keep happy, loved pets with their guardians.  This decision (to remain a non-profit society) however makes us ineligible for many grants and donations.

Although the Canadian Government changed the rules on who charities can grant and donate funds to recently to include non-profits, the work for a charity to do so is administratively heavy. While the non-profit sector advocates for improvements this administrative burden prevents already overworked and under-resourced charities from having the capacity to help non-profits like our Animal Food Bank.

Recognizing the need for a charitable organization, our Founders have set up a registered charity called the Amp It UP Foundation.  It’s job is to work with non-profits like our Animal Food Bank to access donations and funding to support their programs and initiatives. 

This then gives our donors the option of donating to a registered charity if they require a tax receipt.  If a tax receipt is not required, you can donate directly to us!


We Need You

Monetary Donation

100% of donations go to support pets in need. Our purchasing dollar tends to go further as our partner pet stores offer us discounts. Donating to us ensures we can purchase pet food as needed, accommodate allergies and special requests such as urinary health foods, and ensure no pet goes hungry.

Pet Food & Supplies

We partner with pet stores and businesses in the communities we serve to provide convenient drop off locations for donations of pet food and supplies. If you have food you can no longer use, please donate it to us, or purchase some pet food and donate into our bin. We just ask that food be in it’s original packaging.

Gift Card Donation

Buying us a gift card is a great way to support us, and to support your favorite local pet store! Our participating partner pet stores will put the gift card aside for us so that we can purchase pet food or supplies for pets in need and prevent their hunger and surrender. It’s a great way to support local.

Our Impact

Pet food bank services prevent 64% of clients from surrendering their pets, and 71% of clients from having to choose who eats.

Suspended Service in Winnipeg

We have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend services in Winnipeg due to a lack of resources.

Please check back or watch our social for announcements on when we can reopen as out team works hard behind the scenes to do so.