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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get. If you can’t find the answer to your question below please contact us.

Currently we provide full delivery services in the Okanagan, BC, Winnipeg, MB, and Medicine Hat, AB and support many other organizations with food supplies. If your city is not listed please sign up for our wait list here so we know where there is need for a branch. 

If you are in one of the cities we service (see above), please register as a client – it’s free.  You can submit your request for pet food through your client portal. 

Currently, our focus is on pet food and supplies. We don’t discriminate as to the pets requesting help and have helped cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs so far. We hope to eventually provide low-cost and no-cost vet care and assist homeless shelters and housing agencies in implementing pet-friendly practices.

We are entirely volunteer operated an non funded. We rely on the generosity of pet stores, pet food manufacturers, the general public and donations from businesses to operate. 

We accept all kinds of pet food.  New, opened, returns, write offs – we find a use for everything. You can drop off pet food to one of our pet store partners listed here.

We help up to four pets per household. We do not support the addition of pets into households already struggling to feed existing pets and that is not the purpose of our animal food bank.

Delivery of pet food is based on availability of volunteers and availability of donations.  Our team of volunteers works tirelessly to keep our services going. However we aim to deliver within 7 to 14 days of receiving your request.

Frequency of services varies by region and is subject to change at any time based on the availability of volunteers and donations. Currently you can request help with pet food every 30 days except in Winnipeg, where you can request every 60 days. 

No – you can only request help for your own pet(s). If you are a case worker or support worker please contact us at admin@animalfoodbank.org

A volunteer will be in touch as soon as they can to arrange delivery.  Delivery is based on availability of volunteers and donations. If you are desperate please reach out to your local branch here

No – we do not believe in means tests. However, we fully expect our clients to be kind, understanding, compassionate and grateful to our team and our donors. Rude, demanding or aggressive behavior, profanities and abuse of our services or volunteers will result in you being banned from receiving them. Just be nice.

We help dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters…the list goes on and on. We have helped livestock during natural disasters. If you have a pet in need and we have the means to help you feed it, we will. 

No – we are a registered non-profit and entirely operated by volunteers.  We cannot issue tax receipts for donations. 

We believe

Working together is the way forward.